Basic Tactics and Newbie Guide

Everyone is new at some point. Every player showed up to their first game with a maverick in their right hand and dirty sock in the other. Here are some tips for new players to get going with, and some more advanced tactics for newbies and veterans alike.

For strategies dealing with Original Zombies, which you will need because they will run a train given the chance, look HERE.

Finally, for some basic info on blasters and all other sorts of equipment, head HERE.

First the more basic stuff:

Do not turn and run away when the zombies charge. There is a time to fight and a time to make a tactical withdraw, but usually humans will be able to easily fend off a zombie charge because of their range advantage. The worst thing to do, and the thing that will most ensure the tagging of you and all your fellow humans, is to turn your back and run away. So many times have groups of humans numbering in the hundreds been overrun by groups of 30 Zombies or less because skittish humans turned, ran, and started a mass frantic retreat.

2. Talk to/ Listen to the veterans

The veterans at OSU like to yell, which we're trying to somewhat fix. But they're yelling because they probably know what's best in each situation, and know how to keep you alive. They're NOT all knowing, and can always use some tactical suggestions. But as a general rule Bro-tential will take the hardest objectives in missions and are the best players at BvZ. Listen to the vets, ask them any questions you want because they're very friendly. Whats good for one human is good for all humans, and they will be more than willing to help you in any way they can.

3. Carry Some Socks

Why? Because they don't jam. Socks will save your life at least one time throughout the course of the game. So when your $60 Nerf blaster jams, and you reach for your shoes because all you have left are the socks on your feet, just remember we told you so.

4. Class to Class

A scary time for any new player. They must venture from their dorm and make the trek across campus to class. Here are some tips to help you survive your first few days:

-Travel at awkward times. Avoid major class changes whenever possible.
-Except for OZ day, look for other humans. You both may be traveling to the same place or area. Work together for a common goal and make a new friend!
-Travel light. You don't need your full mission load out for daytime class travel. Now some veteran players will still wear full load outs during days because they both enjoy it and it helps new players like you identify the vets, but as a general rule you don't need much for classes.
-Stay vigilant. Zombies are extremely intelligent, and will look for ambushes, shadowy corners, and any other way to get you.
-Watch for the daytime diversion. Zombies will focus your attention away from a specific spot where they have fellow zombies hiding. Don't get tunnel vision and zero in on one zombie.
-Run. There usually are not major daytime objectives. Unless you're completing a mission, it's much easier to get to a safe building than to stand and fight a group of zombies.

5. Missions

So you survived your first day of class. Good work! Now you have to survive your first night mission. Again, here are some tips for you:

-Those veterans going off somewhere on their own? Fell free to follow them, but play to their level and listen. The objective they've probably taken is extremely high risk and very dangerous and requires intense levels of teamwork and skill.
-Early in the game, numbers usually equal safety in missions. Stick together and watch each others backs and you'll probably make it alright.
-Hold the Line! At some point during a mission there will be a time that humans must hold a static line. You have to summon the courage to stand on the front and fight with your brothers and sisters!
-It's only a game. You're probably really nervous, and for good reason. But when things look the worst for survival, remember the only thing that could happen would be to join the winning team and help decimate the humans. Feel free to play a little bit more aggressively then you would in a real zombie apocalypse.
-Don't Panic. If you see a zombie, simply say in a calm speaking voice where you see the zombie. Shouting at the top of your lungs "ZOMBIE!!" helps no one find the threat and only encourages more panic.

6. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Remember this is only a game, and getting tagged on one side only leads to playing for the winning side. Don't take yourself too seriously. This is a game of tag, not a life or death struggle. Try your hardest on both sides and make the game fun for everyone else. Make friends along the way!

7. The ultimate rule: Don't be a dick. (DBAD)

Ugh this needs to be in here unfortunately, and kinda goes with number 5. If you get tagged, take your tag like a man or woman and promptly join the other side. Unless you are sure without an absolute doubt in your mind that you have been wronged, just take your tag and enjoy being a zombie. Likewise, for zombies, if a human says you were hit, you probably were and didn't feel it. Unless you are sure 100% (and you probably wont) that you weren't hit, let it go. Your back in 5 minutes. Get them next time.

Basic Tactics and Other Slightly more Advanced Infection Material

Factions are groups of people who fight under the same banner towards a common goal. Most factions are highly organized and extremely skillful. For more info on specific factions, go HERE

Basic Line Formation
Line Formation
Easy to organize in a pinch and requiring little experience among players. Also one of the weakest of the human formations against large zombie hordes due to extremely cramped quarters, heavy tunnel vision among players, and the general inability to focus fire on charges.

Battle Ball
Battle Ball
Another very fundamental human formation which requites little to no experience to organize. Is again very weak against large volumes of zombies due to players again having tunnel vision and missing zombie charges against different angles. Also very easy to get spread out. Will often hear veterans making fun of the Battle Ball, sarcastically calling for it in non-dangerous situations.

The act of running out and firing a few rounds into the collecting horde. Extremely effective as a form of leader suppression and as a general attack on zombie numbers. Danger for skirmishers is very high.

Building Hopping
A day to day strategy that limits the amount of player time in the play zone. Makes use of the numerous tunnels and bridges in Ohio State's buildings to stay away from the dangers of the zombies outside during daytime. In the late game, this is often the only method to safely make your way to class.

Gun Buddies
Not really a tactic, but rather a way of playing. Essentially to have two players always watching each others backs. Has various levels of effectiveness based on player skill, luck, etc.

For advanced Human strategy and tactics, look HERE