Nerf blasters and other extraneous equipment play a vital part in any infection game. The pages below detail some basic blaster stats, as well as other equipment that has been used by players in past and present infection games. These are just basic overviews, for detailed information on any blaster, refer to this site HERE.

When considering a blaster to use, the most important factors will be:

  • Range
  • This is probably the most obvious factor, how far the blaster can fire.

  • Accuracy
  • Accuracy is a very volatile thing, it can be changed by many things. While some blasters are more accurate than others because of how they work, every blaster's accuracy is affected by factors such as the wind or the quality of the darts being used. Some darts, for instance, the camouflage darts and the "white-out" series, use higher quality materials and thus are generally more accurate than other darts when fired from any blaster.

  • Rate of fire
  • Rate of fire is important for two reasons: To make up for accuracy, and to deal with multiple targets.

  • Ammo capacity
  • A very important factor to any weapon is how much ammunition it can carry, and how much additional ammo the user can carry.

  • Mobility
  • Some blasters are heavier or larger than others. Each player should select a blaster that they are comfortable with holding, and depending on their playstyle, even run around with.


Please use the following format:
1. (blaster name here)

Nerf Blasters
Nerf is a company you've probably heard about. It is the leading company and their blasters are by far the most common ones to be found out on the battlefield.
  1. Maverick

    So you wanna play Infection? This is the most generic of all starter blasters. It can be found everywhere because of its extremely cheap price and relatively high ammo capacity for a small sidearm style blaster.

    That being said, Mavericks also bring to mind the term "NOOB" to fellow humans, and "Free Dinner" to zombies. This is because the Maverick has a rightly deserved reputation for jamming at exactly the wrong time. These jams are usually caused by attempting to shoot in a frantic matter, which is exactly when it's most important to have a reliable blaster.

    All in all, it's not a terrible starter blaster. But if you want to survive past the third day of the game, or you want everyone to stop looking at you like you suck, upgrade to something a little more powerful or reliable such as a Recon or a Tek 6.

    Maverick tenets:,1578.0.html

  2. Nitefinder

    The king of Nerf sidearms.

    Has a massive plunger that allows a large volume of air to be put behind darts, these blasters have extreme range.

    As a sidearm, it is also very mobile. Its main setback however is that it is a single shot blaster. Therefore a good Nitefinder user is always aware of their surroundings, or is using a Nitefinder as a last resort blaster.

    Nitefinder tenets:,1581.0.html

  3. Recon

    The reverse plunger blaster that started it all.

    Has a pretty good rate of fire, pretty average range, accuracy, and power, and is pretty reliable. They still have minor jam issues, but nothing to get too upset over. Also have reported problems carrying 35 round drums

    Not bad blaster. Also a much better choice as a starter blaster than the Maverick. It is also small enough to be used as a side arm.

  4. Raider

    The raider is the AK-47 of Nerf blasters. It will fire fast, it will fire moderately accurate, and it is extremely difficult to jam.

    This blaster has about all average statistics in terms of range, accuracy; but has an extremely high rate of fire when using slam fire and its ammo capacity is second to none with the 35 round drum. Also has average mobility for any Nerf blaster of the primary variety.

    Overall, it is an extremely solid choice and an overall great blaster.

    Raider tenets:,1082.0.html

  5. Alpha Trooper

    Essentially the younger, more robust brother of the Raider, all the internals operate in exactly the same way, with slam fire capability. The only main difference is the different shell, and a slightly more powerful shot right out of the box.

    Again, an extremely solid primary. It is the same in functionality to the Raider, and thus a user should follow the same strategies when using it. (Use the Raider tenets)

  6. Longshot

    The longshot is a great multipurpose blaster for those looking for a little extra range over a recon or raider. The longshot has a large direct plunger system that allows a large volume of air to get behind darts, increasing range.

    The side cocking mechanism is a love or hate idea, with some swearing by its effectiveness, while others openly detest it.

    Rate of fire from the longshot is slower than any blaster with slamfire, making it a less effective choice for crowd control situations or times when extremely high RoF is needed.

    Longshots are no longer produced, so the only places to find them are from online sites such as ebay or from friends.

    Longshot tenets:,1580.0.html

  7. Longstrike

    The Longstrike is actually the newer version of the Longshot, which had its direct plunger system replaced with a reverse plunger system similar to the one found in the Recon. Its performance is similar to that of the Longshot, but slightly lower in some aspects due to its reverse plunger system. Being 3 feet long makes it also take a relative blow to mobility but certainly gives points in intimidation.

    Because of the similarities in function, Longstrike users should also follow the rules of the Longshot tenets.

  8. Barricade

    The Barricade is literally a small hand cannon that has great range, rate of fire, and usability.

    They are electronic flywheel blasters. If you don't know what this means read as "REALLY LOUD ELECTRIC BLASTERS" Yeah they're obnoxiously loud, but don't let that be a turn off. This is really their only major bad point, which isn't even that bad. Just think of it as a cool warning siren to tell zombies to back off!

    The Barricade is also the only blaster capable of being dual wielded with an acceptable level of effectiveness. Essentially, this blaster is able to fill the sidearm and the primary role with equal levels of effectiveness.

  9. Rayven

    The Rayven is the newest Nerf release. It is a clip-fed version of the Barricade, having flywheel internals. This also means it makes the same loud sounds. Along with being relatively compact, being both semi automatic and clip-fed makes this blaster a powerful choice for any human survivor.
  10. Stampede

    The Assault rifle blaster. If you ever wanted to be the BAMF who runs through zombies Rambo style, this is probably the blaster for you.

    Electric blaster with full auto, this blaster can put rounds down range quickly and efficiently. Power and accuracy are average, but who cares when you can legitimately dual wield assault rifles (not recommended. Its actually very tiring. This is a heavy blaster, using 6 D batteries.)

    Overall a great blaster, and one of the most popular out there right now.

    Note that although it's electric, there have never been any reported problems about use in the rain. Although its probably still somewhat dangerous, the entire thing is made of an insulator. You'll be okay.

    Stampede tenets:,2080.0.html

  11. Vulcan

    The Heavy.

    If you caught the TF2 reference, then you know what I'm talking about. This thing is literally a machine gun in Nerf blaster form. Runs off of ammunition belts.

    Also note however, that very much like a machine gun, this blaster almost requires a 2 man team to operate most effectively. The reloading sequence is long and complicated for a Nerf blaster, and leaves the user completely vulnerable during. A "gun buddy" should always be with a Vulcan user to provide cover and other sorts of technical support.

    As for the blaster itself, many seasoned veterans will tell you its not very good. Accuracy is horrible, range is bad, and RoF is only alright. The Vulcan's grips are also pretty awkward, and overall usability is average at best.

    This blaster is for someone who really wants to be the heavy weapons member of your squad. Even so, your money is probably better spent on a stampede.

    Vulcan tenets:,524.0.html

  12. Quick 6/16

    Going to put these in the same category because they are essentially the same blaster, except the quick 6 is smaller and holds less ammo.

    Instead of a magazine or clip system, these blasters have the ammo storage internally. This allows for immediate "topping off" of the blaster in the heat of battle, and leads to a very user friendly zombie blasting experience.

    Performance wise, these perform very similarly to a Raider or Recon, with pretty average stats across the board. For the hipsters out there, these are not widely seen in games, so there ya go they're unique and whatnot.

    Also note they DO NOT take streamlines. Streamlines will mess these up and cause a catastrophic jam.

    Still though, overall very good blasters. Great for an intro player because they require no other equipment.

  13. The Vortex Blasters (Nitron, Praxis, Vigilon, Proton)

    These blasters are all completely different because they use foam disks rather than the traditional nerf dart. These disks bring with them a unique set of pros and cons:

    Longer range
    Not streamlines
    More reliable in high wind conditions

    Ammo scarcity on battlefield
    Disks are easier to doge because of floating action

    These have not been deployed in any great enough numbers to verify effectiveness as an Infection blaster.

    As for different models, the following applies.

    Praxis=Alpha Trooper

Buzzbee Blasters
Buzzbee is a company that is less heard of. They are a competitor company to Nerf, and their blasters tend to be viewed as cheaper than your average Nerf blaster. However, their blasters are not necessarily of a lower quality and many of them are even more usable than their Nerf alternatives.
  1. Berserker

    The Berserker is similar in design to the Nerf Swarmfire gun, having 20 front-loaded, rapid-fire darts. Its unique quirk is the large middle piece, which fires large foam missiles with very nice range. It uses an air pump for the missile and the normal firing uses a pump-action and plunger system similar in operation to Nerf blasters. It has two separate triggers for these two firing modes. It cannot be slam-fired. Recently, Buzzbee also released an attachment that allows the missiles to be replaced with a 6-dart scatter shot, which adds much more usability on the battlefield.

    Berserker tenets:,1588.0.html

Air Zone Blasters
Air Zone is another common producer of blasters. They are Toys R Us exclusive, and offer quite a respectable variety.
  1. The Tek 6

    The more mature older brother of the Maverick, this blaster takes all the problems with the Maverick and pretty much alleviates them. It has an almost 0% chance to jam thanks to its front loading design, and fires harder than the Maverick. Although not really a primary, it can be done. This is probably the best blaster for an intro level player to buy, because it's cheaper, better, and sexier than the Maverick. As for veteran players, it still serves as a wonderful daytime blaster, a very stealthy and concealable blaster, or as a consistent side arm.
  2. Powerstrike 48

    A wonderfully infuriating blaster. It boasts an enormous ammo capacity (48), one of the farthest stock ranges on any blaster (40-50 ft), and is pretty accurate as long as you can aim while firing. So what's the catch? For starters, you might as well turn on a chainsaw. Probably the loudest blaster from any company. Another issue is its extremely finicky slam fire system, which leads to jams. The reload time is horrendous as well, and there is no easy way to reload in a hurry. Additionally, the on-off switch is in an awkward place on the top, and the trigger is an outright lie. On the bright side, you can put a sock there for when it invariably jams.

    If you’re not planning on modding and want to bring some major firepower, this is probably one of your best choices if you can deal with the cons.

  3. The Punisher

    The Airzone Equivalent to the Nerf Vulcan, only better. Not by much, but the Punisher has a slightly higher rate of fire, power, accuracy, and is the same for ergonomics.

    Note that the belts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer as replacement parts, but not from any stores.

Blowguns have the longest range out of any HVZ legal way to launch a nerf dart. It also happens to be the cheapest, running at under $2.00 for a 10-foot length of PVC pipe.
Their long range comes at a few costs, though. Their accuracy depends solely on the user, which can be a good or a bad thing. The other cost is their low rate of fire. Because of a blowgun's rate of fire, every shot counts so it's very important to have high accuracy. If the fight is close-ranged, the effectiveness of a blowgun is much lower which is why it's always recommended that a blowgunner has some backup weapon.

Blowgun tenets:,1584.0.html

Socks are the one type of weapon that depends more on the user than any other. Though socks don't jam like a nerf blaster can, not everyone has the proper technique to throw (and aim) one. Because of this, it's important for a sock user to practice with their weapon, moreso than for any other type of weapon. That being said, it is highly recommended of players in general to have a few socks as backup for just in case they have a jam or run out of ammo for their primary weapon, whatever that may be.

There are also some troopers crazy enough to use socks as their primary weapons. The advantage to this is that socks have no reloading time and generally allow for greater mobility, depending on your throwing skills and how you decide to carry the socks. Those who put a heavy emphasis on mobility and stealth may earn the title of being a sock ninja. Sock ninjas are [This section has been removed by the sock ninjas, a group which may or may not actually exist.]
Sock Ninja Guide (for using socks as primaries):,3722.0.html

Other Equipment
  1. Equipment Vests

    Tactical vests can prove to be the difference between life and death in a game of infection. They can carry ammunition, food for sieges, communications equipment, or anything else someone may need. Listed below are a few vest setups of varying makes and prices.

    Nerf Vest
    Nerf Vest
    They're okay, but leave a ton to be desired. That being said, they're also dirt cheap and can be found at any old Target or WalMart

    Hunting/Tactical Vest
    Tactical Vest
    Price all depends on where you find it. You can find great ones on amazon for dirt cheap, but you can also find super expensive ones all over the net as well. They function quite well, and usually have a lot more storage space for whatever your looking for. Again though, the price is higher.

    Molle Vest
    If you're that rich, happen to play airsoft, are currently in the military, or have really nice parents, the Molle vest is the top of the line. All the different pouches are customizable in position and size, and a truly personal vest can be constructed from the ground up. That being said, they're really expensive. Buying one of these only for Infection is probably over kill.

    Also an option here is a battle belt system. It still uses the same pouches, but is only a belt rather than a full vest.

  2. Nerf Bandolier
    Great for carrying extra ammo or clips. Also can be attached to most blasters to allow for easier carry. Well worth the money
  3. All other slings

    Slings allow for easier transport of blasters, and allow them to be dropped so a sidearm can be pulled or if there is a jam or whatnot. A 1 pt. sling attaches at one point, a 2pt. at 2 points, and a 3pt. at 2 points with a special rigging method. Different blasters and different play styles will be more conducive to different slings.

  4. Cell Phone or Radio

    You gotta talk to us! players at Ohio State use mainly cell phones, and sometimes radios for communication on both the human and zombie sides. Communication=Winning, so make sure you're prepared.

  5. DIY
    Go out and make something yourself. Cardboard and duct tape are very strong materials and pretty much anything is possible with a little bit of planning and ingenuity.
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Remember, we use blasters in

Remember, we use blasters in Infection, not weapons. Weapons are dangerous. Blasters are harmless toys that fire foam darts.

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Yeah, but blowguns and socks

Yeah, but blowguns and socks aren't blasters, so I had decided not to use it that time since I was referring to them in general. No big deal though.

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yeah fair enough. Just wanna

yeah fair enough. Just wanna make sure admins dont get pissed. (and not the admins, THE ADMINS...)

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If anyone want to alphabetize this or reorganize for the better that would be fantastic.

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I like how both the Stampede and Vulcan links go to the Stampede page, sounds like someone's not a fan.

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The funny thing is, the

The funny thing is, the vulcan tenets were the first ones to be created.

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Why no FuryFire?

The FuryFire is great; 10 shots, light and easy to run with, and fantastic to mount a blowgun onto. It never seems to get the attention it deserves :(

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