Original Zombie (OZ)

A zombie who is actually disguised as a human. They can function just like humans except they also have the ability to tag humans and turn them into zombies. Original zombies can be stunned, but do not have to admit to being an OZ. Rather, they simply keep the stun timer in their head and wait until they are no longer stunned until attempting to make tags again. OZs lose their disguise when they either reach a set number of kills, or are ordered by organizers to reveal.

Strategies for dealing with OZs

1. STAY AWAY! An original zombie cannot tag you if they cannot reach you. Therefore the best defense against OZs is to avoid all human contact until OZs have been revealed.

2. STUN CHECK! If it is necessary to travel with another human on OZ day, be sure to stun the other human one minute before a normal zombie stun timer would expire. For example, if it takes a zombie 8 minutes to respawn, re-stun every human around you every 7 minutes. This ensures any OZs in disguise cannot make a tag on you or anyone in your group.

3. DON'T RUSH TO BE A HERO! You may want to save that player over there running from that group of zombies, but you need to be careful. Don't run in blindly and begin stunning all zombies, yelling for the human to get behind you, for that's a great way to get yourself tagged from behind by the OZ you just saved. Rather, the first person you should stun is the human you are saving. That way there will be no surprises as you fight the zombies together.

4. BE WARY OF THE OPPOSITE SEX! Some OZs will use the fact that they are of the opposite sex to lure you into a false sense of security. Don't let that happen! Or if you really want that to happen, stun check them first.

5. DON'T BE DUMB! If someone asks you to check that dark, secluded alleyway with them, you probably shouldn't. If you think it's a trap, it's probably a trap.

6. TRUST NO ONE! Even your friends could be OZs who would love nothing more than to eat your brain. Until OZs are revealed, do not trust anyone!