The Fighting 501st


First appearance: Spring 2009 Last appearance: When the Empire falls
(Fearless) Leader(s)
Lucas White (Spring 2010 - Fall 2011) Kevin Mihalich (Spring 2012 - ?) Louise Jones (Spring 2012 - ?)
Ebeth Allen
Corey Barnes
Michael Cloesmeyer
Brad Duncan
Christian Goodrich
Chad Gossett
Sturt Grnch
Tom Hartsough
Gavin Hensley
Evan Hughes
Louise Jones
Amy Kramer
Garry Kupfner
Josh Lamb
Clay Lance
Ben Loughridge
Kevin Mihalich
Ian Neinast
Tyler Norman
Matt Olinger
Ryan Petitti
Tim Scherer
Olivia Schutte
Kyle Steinkerchner
Rachael Teuschler
Lucas White
Matt Zuzolo
VADER'S FIST! The 501st is a highly organized and elite organization of players that will accept and complete any objective. Their members are battle hardened veterans, and are also well traveled all across the midwest. They also are one of the major factions that controls the Ohio State human chain of command. Always has a major contingent of players present at the finale of every game. They are the best of the best of Ohio State.
Famous Battles
The Last Stand - Last stand of Spring 2009 game Siege of Lincoln Tower - Led the escape of survivors past zombie horde How do you Turn this thing On? - Led the suicide charge to send word of zombie infection to the outside world
Full list of major games 501st has participated in
Ohio State University HvZ Spring 2009
Ohio State University HvZ Fall 2009
Ohio State University HvZ Spring 2010
Penn State University HvZ Invitational Spring 2010
Lima HvZ Summer 2010
Ohio University HvZ Invitational Fall 2011
Ohio State University Infection Fall 2011
Purdue University HvZ Invitational Spring 2012
Ohio State University Infection Invitational Spring 2012
Ohio State University Infection Spring 2012
Ohio University HvZ Invitational 2012
501 PSU Invitational 501st PSU Invitational 2010 501st Spring 2011 501st Spring 2011 Game