Operation Faction: Dragon Army

Operation: Faction (also referred to as OpFac) is an experimental mentor program in which an experienced faction teaches and trains new Infection participants in tactics, ethics, and sportsmanship. Dragon Army is the first group to be formed through the OpFac program.


Dragon Army is currently operating with members from all sections of campus as well as commuters. A conglomeration of talents, people, and weapons, OpFac is about bringing people together and having fun while equipping for and learning how to survive in the game of Infection. From the Recon to Raider, Secret Shot to Stampede, OpFac is armed and ready, and possesses several one-of-a-kind weapons such as the ZMU and the yet-to-be-named Vulcan rifle. The group also consists of many one-of-a-kind people, featuring: Ranger Dave and his Ranger Dave Hat.

Initiated: January 2012

Active members: 12

Experience: Purdue Invitational 2012

OSU UGC Indoor Events: Feb 2012, April 2012

Penn State Invitational 2012 (it still counts)

Ohio State University Invitational 2012

Ohio State University Spring Game 2012

NerfHaven Apocalypse 2012

Ball State Invitational 2012

Athens Invitational 2012

Bowling Green Invitational 2012

Ohio State University Fall Game 2012

Purdue Invitational 2013

Ohio State University Spring Game 2013