Doctor Professor Scientist (DPS)

A mischievous scientist who always seems to make an appearance in any Ohio State Infection or HvZ game. He is sometimes an evil doctor who is trying to unleash a zombie plague across the globe, while other times simply trying to help other humans out of a tricky situation.

Not much is known about DPS, but what is knows is listed below:

-Is suspected to be of German origin
-Prefers to carry absurd, almost useless weapons into combat, dual wielding rocket launchers one game, and a large pink sniper rifle the next
-Also seems to have an extreme love for his sonic screwdriver, but reasons behind this infatuation remain unknown.
-DPS has been seen to be killed many times, although some believe DPS has many body doubles which leads to these multiple deaths, others seem to think that DPS simply cannot die.
-Not to be confused with doctor professor scientits
-Example of the multiple deaths of DPS
-As stated earlier, DPS works in unknown ways