Oh Nodes

One of the largest massacres of any Ohio State Mission. Objectives had players moving from control point to control point in an attempt to activate nodes in a sequential order. Loss of a previous node deactivated all subsequent nodes.

Tom Hartsough created an ingenious hammer and anvil strategy which was executed by Supreme Zombie Commander Chad Gossett to decimate the human resistance and shatter all hopes of completing the mission. He did this by allowing the main human group to capture an objective, and then continue onward, leaving only a small rearguard to defend the previous nodes. The Zombie forces would then burst from hiding and crash into the outnumbered humans until none remained. This continued until the Zombie forces had obtained the numbers necessary to confront the Human Resistance directly, thus forcing a full route.

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Oh Nodes? Oh Yes.

Chad Gossett also helped create said plan and lead the zombies to victory in many of the charges.

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