The Siege of Lincoln Tower

Lincoln Tower
Originally Chronicled by Ghostpoo
Contributors- mattzuzolo

The story of the siege of Lincoln tower begins like many other routine missions. The Human Resistance was bruised and battered after taking 90% casualties during the day mission earlier, and the ratio of humans to zombies was approximately 60%-40% in favor of the zombies. The mission called for humans to split up into 3-4 separate groups and find 7* (you'll see what the asterisk means) survivors from an army parachute drop gone bad. The paratroopers all had significant technical and military expertise that was judged vital to the continuation of the Human Resistance.

The most interesting of the three groups was the group assigned to find the paratroopers scattered near Lincoln tower and the French Field House. This group was commanded by the remnants of 501st under Kevin Michalich, and also composed of the members of what would later become both TOS and OPA. To start with the group around Lincoln searched for approximately 1 hour with no success in finding the paratrooper described to be located exactly at the base of Lincoln tower. After this the approximately 50-60 strong group set out to find the survivor at the French Field house. On their way, they were ambushed by a 25-30 member horde with brood mother just as they reached the bridge over Woody Hayes Dr. After taking minimal casualties (2-4) the humans dashed semi-legally over the road to arrive at the French Field house. Unfortunately, they discovered that another horde of 25-30 was already camped in the area, and the brood mother horde they had just bypassed joined up to create a roughly equivalent number of humans and zombies. Both sides stood in a tense standoff, with zombies making two rough charges and were repelled with significant (35-40%) of the humans being killed off.

Quickly realizing that the numbers situation was becoming untenable, Kevin led his group in a hasty retreat and decided to **** getting the damn paratrooper. Then, as if on que while watching the humans retreat from an unwinnable fight, the paratrooper in question (*cough* Brian Finch *cough*) dashed out from behind a car at the back of the parking lot and proceeded to have the entire horde change focus and devour him while the retreating humans looked on in dismay. During this time, however, some good came of the situation because Evan Hughes dashed in with only a maverick and a blowgun, stunned the brood mother, and made it out alive. This confused and demoralized the zombies. The zombies made one last charge, and the humans were split across Woody Hayes drive. I still feel sorry for those poor bastards on the other side of the road (the majority of the people in the group, actually). Their sacrifice allowed the humans to escape uncontested and evade detection on their retreat.

Unfortunately, an already FUBAR situation proceeded to get worse. The remaining humans met up with another group, boosting their numbers to around 60, still under Kevin's command. These humans proceeded to search around Lincoln Tower for almost 2 HOURS looking for the paratrooper that was MIA. The moderator with them was relatively new to the game and didn't know where the paratrooper was, and conflicting information was pouring in to both him and the humans about his wherabouts.

Then, as the mission drew to a close, zombies were beginning to mass and surround RPAC, which had around 50 human survivors huddling in a corner in the safe zone. There was no amnesty, and the zombies were licking their chops. Across the Lincoln fields, behind a low rising slope, the humans searching for their lost paratrooper looked in dismay at their eventual doom, as the zombies continued to mass together.

Eventually, our moderator recieved word that, get this, the paratrooper was by the Medical Center parking lot. (read, really far from Lincoln Tower and almost out of bounds). A tense conversation ensued between mattzuzolo, semi-acting commander TOS, and several members of OPA, as of yet leaderless. OPA members repeatedly said that there was no way this guy was over at the Medical Center parking lot, that we needed to get out of there, and that the zombies were going to see us as soon as we crested the ridge and nom our brains. In context, both squads knew each other well and resided mainly in Taylor Tower. Both also suspected that their paratrooper didn't exist... Matt agreed wholeheartedly with OPA about the logic of retreating, but decided to stick it out like a good soldier and protect 501st as they tried to complete the mission (read, like an idiot :p).

After OPA departed, a large group of humans roughly 60 strong was looking for one of the paratroopers in the area of Lincoln/Morrill when the mission over call was received. Zombie numbers at this point were roughly 85-100 (many zombies had already turned in for the night, it was around midnight and the mission had been called). The group of humans, consisting primarily of 501st and TOS members, was was about to turn into the west entrance of the RPAC tennis courts when another group of Zombies numbering approximately 100 Zs proceeded to move toward the humans from East to West through the tennis courts. The humans, recognizing the danger this second group presented, decided to move back towards the towers, where they felt they could take an effective defensive stance.

Unknown to the humans, Zombies had hidden on the bridge to Lincoln Tower (approximately 10, behind non-players actually :p), ready to ambush the humans if they came too close. Unfortunately for them, the humans moved slow enough that both main zombie groups were able to encircle the humans, and began to ready for a charge.

The humans made a break for the tower and the safety it promised, only to be ambushed by the group on the bridge, as well as taking full charges from both flanks.

Of the 60ish humans, only approximately 15-20 made it into the tower.

Zombies continued to stream into the area, and laid siege to Lincoln tower, trapping the humans inside, and blocking entry to all other humans trying to return home from the mission.

After much deliberation, a group of 10 humans decided to risk an escape attempt. Using a concealed door at the bottom of Lincoln which locked from the outside, the small group stealth-fully made its way through massive zombie numbers and evaded zombie patrols to escape the area, taking no losses.

Also at this point, another group of roughly 10 humans in Lincoln tower tried to use a different door to escape across a bridge to Drake. They soon discovered to their dismay that the bridge was out, and the door locked behind them. Unable to gain entry into Lincoln, and now surrounded by over 200 zombies, the humans made their final glorious stand, standing firm in the face of impossible odds, and were zombified.

(from mattzuzolo's perspective)- The zombies under Chad Gossett, the zombie overlord, shouted out their countdown outside Lincoln Tower. The silence between numbers grew only louder, as the numbers came to signify life, and death, for the screwed 60 humans huddled together in a ball of death. The zombies charged. Armed with a fully loaded alpha trooper, I countercharged on 1 and ran forward with the 6-7 remaining members of TOS. I stunned 4-5 zombies, broke through the charge, and ran for the tower. I was just ahead of a mixed bag of 7-8 humans, some from TOS and some not. I veered wide around a very suspicious wall of people chatting and watching the massacre, and saw as I ran 10 zombies hidden behind the human shield. I watched in dismay as they rushed out to nom most of my comrades, and then dove into Lincoln tower barely ahead of their outstretched arms.

I was the first to reach safety (read, I was still fast then :p) and proceeded to cover the bridge for the other survivors (not many) that rushed in, and watched the battle proceed to a close outside. The jubilation of surviving, however, was short lived. The 15-20 survivors were trapped, as all of the 40-45 humans outside had just joined the horde, making their numbers exceed 150 zombies...

Thinking quickly, (perhaps a little too quickly), I realized that there were only two ways out of the building that weren't yet covered, but would be soon. First, a semi legal loading dock entrance hidden at the base of the tower, which I had no idea how to reach. Second, a ramp from Lincoln to Drake, which would be perfect for an escape root along the Olentangy to High Street and freedom. I had a bio 115H midterm the next day that I hadn't studied much for, so I couldn't wait long. I quickly told the approximately 8 humans with me to cover me and ran for the exit. I dashed out the door, only to stare on in disbelief at what I was seeing.

The bridge was under construction, and impassable...

I turned quickly to see the last of my ad hoc squad dash out behind me, and the door clicked shut behind them. I tugged vainly at the door, trying to will it to open, but somehow it stymied my efforts. I turned to look down the other side of the bridge, where 130-140 zombies were staring at me in disbelief at my stupidity. My legs fell out from under me, I slowly sank to the ground, ordered my survivors to take a defensive formation, and begged fate to give me one more pass tonight. I had survived around 10 charges, watched 90-95% of my comrades die, and come so close to escaping. I stood up, calmly told my mates to take a defensive formation on the other side of the bridge, and waited. I didn't wait long. The zombies charged, we stood firm, and thought that maybe we could hold the zombies at the bottleneck. We stunned 10, then 20, their dead bodies forming a semi-bottleneck, and I thought that maybe I could do the impossible...

I was told my my new zombie friends afterwords that my brains were delicious.)